With a huge body of muscle reaching a height of 8’4" and two large power hammers strapped to his back, Gozer leaves not much to be said when it comes to melee or at least there is usually not much anyone can say after he is down with them. Gozer is a visually intimidating Gen’Dai and can be a bit head strong at times, but usually he will just hide behind the helmet of his armor until the time comes that he can replace that which he lost on Tipoca city and find new allies that are worthy of the mandalorian title and form a new clan beginning anew once again.


On a planet being besieged when he was younger by a anti-mandalorian group, Gozer found himself in a situation that needed action and individually took out a member of the group terroizing the the city he was in until there were nobody left. When the mandalorians arrived to relieve the tension in the city, it was then that the leader saw the courage and potential of Gozer and took it upon himself to train him in the art of warfare and what it means to be mandalorian. Gozer having nothing left agreed in the interest of moving on and becoming someone noteworthy. Years later while located on Tipoca city during the times of the clone wars, Gozer was one of the many mandalorian warriors hired by Jango Fett to train the Grand army of the Republic. During the attack on the city, Gozer managed to avoid capture after a huge battle in which most of the recruits he was training died during the attack. He managed to escape capture by hiding in a trash compactor that crushed him while he was trapped inside causing him to go into a hibernative state. After rejuvinating himself he came out into a destroyed city and found nobody else alive. It was also during this time that his prized mandalorian armor had been taken after he had to leave it behind earlier. Piece-mailing together what equipment he could find, Gozer juryrigged a ship and set out to begin his life again and find out what happed during his hibernation; finding out about the order 66 that had been implamented and therefore ending the war, Gozer began a career in the bounty hunting field allowing him to hide who he was.


Escaping the Purge Laiyesta