Escaping the Purge

Secret of the Avun
No more crystals please.

As the party enters strange man’s “home” they are able to find out the secret about the dark green crystal. They learn that it is called the Avun and that it and the stranger, whos name is Faris, are both from the future. They discover that the two green ships they encountered before are Sith destroyers from the future. Apparently Faris was testing a new drive system that folds space when the two Ships attacked him. During the fight the Avun folded space but with the combat going on around it they all came out in the time just after the Empire was founded.
During their talk a ship crashed near the array and when they go out to see it they see the only person on the ship survived and is coming their way. They lear the person is Tara Starroy and that her and Steele know each other but are not on best terms.

Faris ask them to help him get back to him time and to bring the Sith ships with him. Shortly thereafter three more ships land nearby. There are two Z95 Headhunters and a Gytroc 720 Freighter and after the party goes out to see the ships they see a large group a troops get out and start approaching them. As Gozer and Zakk head to the ships the only troop that stayed next to the ships fires and hits Gozer and the fight begins. During the fight Gozer almost goes down but thanks to Zakk and part of the party firing from the ship they are able to prevail but the Transport was able to leave. They are able to take the two Headhunters and two of the troops alive.

The part then heads to the locations that Faris asks and he attaches the Avun to the Space Sloop. After sending out a single the two Sith ships appear and attack. The party is able to defeat them and Faris is able to leave. But as he slips into his time he says one last thing “There is a problem, the mass is way off. I this something else came…” and then he is gone.

The party now head to Terminus and Mikel is contacted by Jaster about another job.

Crawl 2

As the gallant band continues its search for the truth behind the crystal, its mystery only deepens. The party has now journeyed to the remote planet of NAJARKA in hopes of understanding the details of the unknown green device.

Little did crew of the SPACE SLOOP know that the planet is inhabited by a strange individual with unfamiliar technology. Now they hope this man can divulge the truth and end their pursuit.

At least one truth will be revealed to them on this cold planet, the truth that they are not alone in their search….

Chasing a shadow with a flashlight.
Instinct is the nose of the mind.

After some trial and error the Party determines that the small green crystal seems to not want to go near the two large silver green “ships”. The crystal heats up the closer they get to the “ships” and if force powers are used the crystal used the force back. The team continues on its way to Terminus. When they land they are greeted by Imperial officer and two stormtroopers next to the ship. The Imperial agents want to talk to the owner of the Space Sloop together with its pilot and navigator. The players are leery with this thought but comply and Makel, Steel and Al are taken to an office and interrogated for a few hours. The Imperials give the impressions that they are looking for the two transports that the party came across. Al and Mikel do a good job of not letting the imperials have any information. Steele on the other hand comes out of the interrogation with his new friend the Imperial officer. Steele was able to convince the office that they knew nothing of interest and that they are “friend” of the empire.

Steele stays at the ship to broker the deal to sell the scrap they got from the destroyed ships while the rest go into the port to make some money. Gozer and Zakk go together to sell the weapons and equipment Gozer took from the fight on Bakura. Meanwhile Darian, Al and Mikel work on making contacts so they can acquire shipping contracts and useful equipment. Mikel meets Jaster Tobian a local merchant who has a side job of getting information. Jaster will see what he can find and meet Mikel in two hours back at the bar they are at.

After selling his goods and buying a new weapon from a trader that deals with illegal goods named Makon Staven they band all meet at an antique shop. The owner of the shop is a young woman named Mya Drii. At the store Mikel buys some miscellaneous parts for the Space Sloop and Darian buys an old book about the history of jedi holocrons and an assorted selections of parts he thinks might be useful. Gozer shows Mya the green crystal in hopes of determining what it is. She doesn’t know what is it but offered to contact her teacher for help. Gozer agrees and the party heads back to the bar to meet with Jaster Tobian.

Jaster is already at the bar when they get back and lets them know the only thing he has in that Basout Shipping is offering a 10,000 credit reward for information that will lead to the finding of its two missing transports the Slayer and The Grip of Timeless. They all head to Basout Shipping to get information about the offer and the ships. The meet Joran Basout himself and he says he sent the two ships to Ryoone but when they got there the deal came apart and the ships were to come back to Terminus. Somewhere on the way back they went missing. The group says they will look into it and get the information about the ships then leave to go back to the ship.

Just after they exit Steele contacts Al and says something happened at the ship. They all rush back and find Steele was knocked out and it appears the ship was searched along with the ship’s computer. After taking care of Steele’s injury they get a call from Mya. She informs them that she made contact with her teacher and he would like to see the crystal. She also says he will not meet them alone and that Mya must come. They go and pick up Mya and then leave on the ship.

At first they travel to Besberra to talk to Mya’s teacher Rel Koor. As they come in to land they see an massive ship that had crashed into the planet and that Rel Koor has setup his dig next to it. He lets them know that the ship was a Sith battlecruiser. He then starts working with Mya on the crystal and after three days he says he found out it is some type of power source and that there is some navigational data on it. The party asks Rell to come see the site they found the crystal but he turns down the offer but Mya will go with them.

The team then head to the site they found the crystal. When they arrive they find a Star Destroyer that is in ruins and the two “ships” are gone. Also at the space in the area is being distorted. They decide being here is not a good ideal and head back to Terminus to return Mya back home and to check the ship for any tracking device. When they land Mikel gives Mya the credits for the port fees and after waiting for a while to make sure no one comes out to “meet” them they get out and check the ship for anything odd. They ship appears to be all clear and they head for the location the crystal first appeared according to its navigation data.

The party arrives at the coordinates not far from the planet Najarka. In the surrounding space again they detect distortions but nothing more than that. So they head to the Najarka system. When they arrive at the Najarka system the sensors detect massive distortions in space all originating from the planet Najarka. As they approach Najarka they can identify the alterations of space are coming from the North Pole.

Although very challenging Steele lands near an enormous antenna array. The ship and ground are shaking due to and deafening sound coming from the array. Zakk, Al, Gozer and Darian head to the ship like structure near the array. As they approach a man comes out with what looks like a weapon and through their com system orders them to stop. They team stops and Al hits the ground and the man asks them who they are and who they are working with. After explaining they are investigating the distortions the man says to send one person over. Zakk heads over to the man and when he is much closer the man used the force to pull Zakk’s weapon from his holster. Then asking if all of the group are force users he invited them in.

Crawl 1

After a small fight on and in the orbit of Bakura our intrepid adventures decide to join together in hopes of making some badly needed credits. They choose Terminus to start their new enterprise.
During their trip they come upon what appears to have been some type of battle. They discover two massive vessels of unknown origin and two freighters familiar to them. Through trial and error they discover a small green crystal inside one of the freighters but know nothing of its origins or purpose.
Now the bold explorers must find a way to work together and continue their passage to Terminus. Also they must decide what to do with the mysterious crystal…

A new team can be such a headache
None of us is as smart as all of us.

As our intrepid adventures blast off from the port they realize the are being followed. In atmosphere they were able to pull away from the pursuing craft only to enter space and quickly be caught up to. As the craft comes closer they see it is a Tie fighter. With a small exchange of fire the are able to destroy the Tie fighter and escape into Hyperspace.
They decided to all work together to make some money and chose to go to Terminus.
The team decided not to take the Major Routes and with a much more direct way to Terminus in hopes to avoid any imperial patrols. By doing this they had to stop a few time to adjust their course due to stray Comets and other space debris. About one day out from Terminus they came out of lightspeed to find two massive elongated oval “ships” and the wreckage of one small transport ship and the battle damaged hull of a Action VI transport. After coming closer in to investigate the scene they all started to get headaches to varying degrees. The headaches got worse if they tried to leave the area. After some time they destroyed the Action VI and found a silver green sphere in the vessels cargo hold.
After bringing the sphere on board they were able to use the force and skin contact to deactivate the silver “shield” and inside they found a small dark green crystal.

Watered down drinks and a cheap cantina always end this way.
We all have something they are looking for.

Our saga begins on the planet Bakura at a seedy no-name cantina in the bad part of town. Steele, a man with a razor wit is sitting down with his scoundrel of a partner Al, celebrating their last con job over some drinks. Also in the cantina are Darian and Zakk, a pair who seem to be enjoying a quiet evening and looking for a few new jobs. After getting their first drinks and sitting down, Al and Steele are watched by an individual by the name of Mikel. Mikel realizes that he has found his bounty and contacts his partner, a rather large Gen’Dai by the name of Gozer.
Soon Goze enters the cantina and heads to the targets location. At first Gozer and Mikel have no doubt about the identity of the two and are ready to take them in but, after some “persuasion“ from Steele and despite a failed lasso attempt by Al, the two decide that they are not the ones they are looking for.
No sooner do Gozer and Al move away; a squad of stormtroopers enters the cantina and begins making everyone line up against the wall to be scanned by a device. It doesn’t take long for our group to surmise that they are looking for people who are sensitive to the force. When the tech with the scanner gets close to the end of the line; Mikel and Zakk have had enough and begin attacking the stormtroopers. During the ensuing fight Al and Steele manage to crawl their way to the back and out followed by Mikel and then by Darian and Zakk. Gozer on the other hand felt the need to stay and finish the battle until he was the last one standing thus, giving everyone else the chance to escape, and the chance to gain valuable equipment that could be benefited from later.
With Gozer taking care of the stormtroopers and Al slicing into the area network setting off the fire alarms in nearby buildings, the group was able to cause enough confusion by allowing them to escape. With a few more close calls on the way, the group all made it to the port where Mikel offered to take them all on his ship.


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