Escaping the Purge

Secret of the Avun

No more crystals please.

As the party enters strange man’s “home” they are able to find out the secret about the dark green crystal. They learn that it is called the Avun and that it and the stranger, whos name is Faris, are both from the future. They discover that the two green ships they encountered before are Sith destroyers from the future. Apparently Faris was testing a new drive system that folds space when the two Ships attacked him. During the fight the Avun folded space but with the combat going on around it they all came out in the time just after the Empire was founded.
During their talk a ship crashed near the array and when they go out to see it they see the only person on the ship survived and is coming their way. They lear the person is Tara Starroy and that her and Steele know each other but are not on best terms.

Faris ask them to help him get back to him time and to bring the Sith ships with him. Shortly thereafter three more ships land nearby. There are two Z95 Headhunters and a Gytroc 720 Freighter and after the party goes out to see the ships they see a large group a troops get out and start approaching them. As Gozer and Zakk head to the ships the only troop that stayed next to the ships fires and hits Gozer and the fight begins. During the fight Gozer almost goes down but thanks to Zakk and part of the party firing from the ship they are able to prevail but the Transport was able to leave. They are able to take the two Headhunters and two of the troops alive.

The part then heads to the locations that Faris asks and he attaches the Avun to the Space Sloop. After sending out a single the two Sith ships appear and attack. The party is able to defeat them and Faris is able to leave. But as he slips into his time he says one last thing “There is a problem, the mass is way off. I this something else came…” and then he is gone.

The party now head to Terminus and Mikel is contacted by Jaster about another job.



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